Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I was seduced

Saw this little little beauty snuggled in its black coat and thought that should be mine. In no time at all I'd parted with the 99p and it was mine. A Pentax Espio 170sl to be accurate. Nothing but the best for me! I'd seen some lovely reportage snaps from this fella-me-lad in the far-east taken with a similarly named P&S camera and it seduced me into thinking "if I had one of those, I'd take pictures like that". I was wrong.

Down[the]town Stornoway.

But then I think I might have the wrong camera. He had an Espio Mini I see - and that makes all the difference - probably. Apart from the different location, film, development technique and skill. Apart from that.

It was only 99p though. It was worth a try wasn't it?


Keith said...


I have a few cameras of that ilk, and they all give nice pics. I can never find one at 99p though. $25 seems to be the going rate here

James Dyas Davidson said...

Did you haggle?

You were mentioned :

GB said...

It's certainly an atmospheric photo. The more I see your results the more I am tempted one day when I'm back in Scotland to try out some of the old cameras I still have. I wonder if one can still get 127 film for a VPK. I have a plate Zeiss Ikon and I kept one of my Pentax a K2 or an ME Super (I can't remember which one I kept). I've no idea which other ones I kept.