Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mince pies are back

We have eaten a mince pie. It was very nice too. No dust to clog the lungs like last time I wrote about them - in 2011. It is that time of year again and I'm not best pleased. The over-consumptive proclivities rampant at this time is counter to my inner-most. Only the mince pies passed through my purchasing [and eating] filter without too much notice. And we do have a small Panettone in the house to keep the Panforte and Stollen company before we or our visitors eat it. We don't like cake really, but this lot just arrived somehow. Got into the shopping basket without us noticing so felt obliged to buy it and bring it home. As it does.

Meanwhile, young Dan Grassmantobe looks at my Zorki4 with it's Jupiter12 lens and is just about to remark "that's not a leica like my Dad's" when I snapped him up for posterior or something like that :-)

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