Saturday, November 02, 2013

Over Stalked

I thought I was at a Gaelic film. Didn't understand the language, the houses were wrecked, twas raining and there's bog everywhere. Bound to be over the west side of the island I thought. The one thing that threw me was the trees. We don't have many here and there seemed to loads in the film. And then I noticed there was not a Murdo to be seen but Boris and Andrei. Which, seeing the film was Russian, I should not be at all surprised.


The Stalker is a long film although one needs to watch it a few times before you really know what's going on to be honest. I couldn't face watching it again anytime soon since my derriere is still numb from this showing. It's a psychological film thing which basically means it's difficult to know what's happening. But it looked lovely I must say. Full marks to Mr Roddy on including this film in the excellent FACLAN festival. Eh?

The Guardian's take

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