Sunday, November 03, 2013

Time for a Landscape. Of People?

I know, obtuse some people call it but as I write this I'm all excited prior to going to listen to Meadsey witter away tonight at the Faclan festival. Must remember to take a camera in case a protest materialises outside. Or inside even!

Now the winter is coming on the landscapes of the human form commence. With me anyway. Here' three to get me going this year. Mr Holden with a numb lip post-dentist. Mr Windy planning the Hebridean Audax 2014 and dear Eve being. All shot on the old Zorki4 and Jupiter12 on Agfa ASP 400s traffic Surveillance film in ID-11.

Oh yes, I love HCB's portrait book. A fav of mine.

 Mr William Holden

 Mr Windy Windy

Dearest Evelyn

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