Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Back in the day

I used to be a racing cyclist. Back some time - before I got tired and everything. Both my parents were racing cyclists too and Eve my dear partner was as well. As it happens, I can't  find any snaps of my time with bikes - although i might be able to drag one out from the 9 years I worked as  coach at the Manchester Velodrome. I say might.

One thing that sticks in my mind was my bikes. There's a few in the loft as I write; A lovely green Argos made with very light Ishiwata tubing - that was kindly given to me by Mr Wilman. In fact over the years I had several Argos frames - I still have my last road bike that Arthur made for me when the one before that - built by Mark Edwards - snapped. Twice. :-) The latter frame has lasted - well, a few years.

Not any of these bikes I mention but Eve on her Winter.

I've had a Witcomb track bike too. And a lovely TJ cycles flying gate track bike - the linked snap is actually my old bike now in a museum or something :-)

I also rode frames by Clive Stuart, Carlton flyer track - swoped a ladies bike I had for it at Sawyers Cycles in Chippenham. A Hetchins curly road frame, a large Rotrax road bike, an Allin track and road frame. An Edison track bike. Oh, and there are two 'Racelite' track frames in the loft - Eve and mine last track bikes - from the now gone Bike shop in Bath

And yes the print in grainy. And blurry. I like it that way :-)


gz said...

I bet there would be photos from Maindy track league somewhere....

Andrea Ingram said...

Please no!

Andrea Ingram said...
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Andy said...

The Hetchins curly is truly a work of art and I almost bought one when I came back from the Falklands in '82 via Bob Jackson in Leeds. Unfortunately the Navy decided I had to go abroad again and it never happened!

GB said...

Fascinating. I don't know why but I didn't realise you raced as well as coached. One of my friends at school was a Quinn - son of Harry Quinn who made bikes in Liverpool but my cycling was confined to touring. I think in recent times I've only come to appreciate modern cycles again now that Gaz has his made for him.

Just as I'm coming to appreciate that blurry photos can be really phascinating too.