Wednesday, December 11, 2013

He was there

See, that fella-me-lad Windy was there, sat sitting waiting for his tea to go cold while I shot this here camera at him with some fine Chinese film. And everything. He's only just there now. That's what happens when Mr Windy sits in front of the camera. I think his camera spirit goes walkabout or something. He's ok though. I've checked.

Came blinking out of the darkish room yesterday after a short sojourn in the glow of a red light to find it was darker outside - at 3pm! Could have done the enlarging bit in the road. Would be better air a least. Although is was blowing a minor hoolie - a hoolette - out there so might have played havoc with the paper. Probably wouldn't have made a jot of difference really. See, this masterpiece I made - onto Forte RC cooltone paper toned in Sepa and shot here with the phone thing. Obviously, it makes the print look better than it really is. Eh?

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