Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I have made plans. I may not stick to them but I do have plans for things.

I'm probs going to up-make a calendar with a few friends over at FILMWASTERS. The sort of calendar that commences on April 1st that is. It should have lots of lovely snaps in it too - from Filmwasters contributors and everything. Keep looking here and over at Filmwasters for more details - as it progresses.

And I'm doing a collab project with Toots Wilson. Looking at the sameness between here and the coast of Spain - or something like that. On film and everything. Mr Toots is doing the Spanish bit on account of his gaff there and a forthcoming visitation. If he gets out of the bar that is :-)

I might include this snap. Not too much blurriness to up-fed Mr Toots and all.

And I have other things to do. Like run a class on alternative photo techniques - on the island here! Where else?

And drink a Gin. I might drink a gin or two. I might.

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