Thursday, December 12, 2013


It's a print. That's why the edges are bent - twas like that when I snapped it up with the phone. I like it that way.

I should go on a retreat. You know the sort of thing; sit around humming mantras, breath one's watching and doing nothing but finding oneself - and I really need to do that. I've long fancied this place, I just love meditation and all that. But then Eve, my dear civil wifey tells me a trip to Japan might be nice. Japan! Eh? Now, we do have a few friends there and all that but what's wrong with Blackpool?  Just about everything as it happens. So, been looking at the interweb thing and found this. Nice eh? Sort of ticks a few boxes at once. 

What a great idea, then we can visit here too. I might even be persuaded to shop there.

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Andy "Trellis" Forbes said...

Shōganji Zen retreat sounds perfect and even better if its blossom time. Oita is also home to HarmonyLand eek!