Monday, December 16, 2013


We were there, the last sesh of year. A bit of chiGong with our master Walter. Me ChiGonging and snapping with the Perkeo. Can you imagine?

Of course, I forgot the lightmeter so I guessed the light - badly.

Then I compounded the situation by developing it in PQ print developer. Eh? I like it.

I like Walter too. Takes a great sesh. So chilled out afterwards - and moving well too.

No it was not just I and Walter there were others too. But Walter was The One.

I'm rather liking this stuff - even though I say it myself. Wouldn't want too many peeps liking it as I would have to change my style. Nothing quite like guessing exposure, focus and development for getting a nice series of snaps eh?

And no, I'm not taking commissions.


franco said...

Oh, I don't like these pics. So, please, don't change your style! ;-)

Mr Trellis said...

Conspiracies everywhere. I knew Nureyev hadn't died.