Monday, January 06, 2014

New year, new start

2014 has commenced with a whimper here at Cragro Towers. HHHCB is still grooming irritating me and herself by over-grooming some 'bits' making them sore. Visitors have gone home and the fire is smoking for some reason, nicely kippering everything in the room.

We are imminently likely to informed of the return of the Toots to these shores. That's nice. The weather is just right to greet them too - wind and rain. No, I can correct that, just rain and a breeze. For a change. And everything. I do hope Mr Toots has done his snaps in sunny Spain like he said he would. Might be trouble if they are not done I can tell you. Managed to cajole him into sneaking an Isolette into his hand-baggage with some HP5 to keep his Paco-Rabid company - other drinks are available.

Of course we are missing The Coelynes. Anyone would eh? And yes [if you have clicked that last link] I have nearly got round to finishing the first bit on the stairs since you ask. I might have to do it again now as it's nearly worn out already. I blame it on HHHCB up and down the stairs all night.

And no I have not developed those snaps you saw me taking today. Give me a chance. I have only been home a little while and I need to recover from seeing William and Alec. Don't I? Eh?

Be warned, I might twiddle someting on here and it all could change colour. Just for the coming year. And everything.

My New Years resolution. Proof read posts [it won't last]

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