Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spring could be on it's way

Look. See Eve has her summer wear on already. Only 6 layers of clothes and a hood up to keep the brisk cool rainy wind off her dainty head. And the sheeps are interested. That's a good sign I'm told by the local sages. "If the sheeps look you in the eye they'm just about to have a pee" - which translated to layperson speak is the good weather is on it's way. At least I think that's what they mean. They being they west country folk I used to consort with. I'm making a rather big assumption about the local sheeps really but bound to be true-ish.

The snap was taken with me Zokri4 and a lovely Jupiter 12 on AGFA ASP 400s film @ 1600. Doused in Rodinal for an hour at slightly more than homoeopathic quantities. I know one shouldn't. But I did.

Oh, and passing on some interestingness; if you like photography videos, look here for a huge list.

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