Friday, February 28, 2014

Bellows and all that

Toots went out in the cold wind that blew across the island yesterday. He's like that, pushing the boundaries of what's possible just to get the snap. Rain was threatening all the time, the ground was soggy and slippery. My role was as assistant, carrying the heavy studio tripod, pointing lightmeter and what have you. Mr Toots Wilson lined up the 4x5, focused whilst fighting the wind and then, wait for it, pressed the shutter.

Since my role was as donkey I just took along a little film point and shoot camera loaded with Polypan-f copy film over-rated @ 200asa. Just so you see the Great Man at work. Here he is - out over this way.

I think it was the MPP Mr Toots was using. Tri-x possibly in the dark slide, nice cotton twill dark cloth to flap around in the wind, hair nicely Trumped up.

I might have some more snaps of this - when I get round to looking at them.

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Mr Trellis said...

He needs velcro on his sideburns and hat. Problem solved.