Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Don't tell me I should not do this please. I'm not going to listen la la la la la la LA LA LA LA LA

Of course I don't know how I did it! Apart from taking the Hassie down to a beach with some cheap Chinese film on board, point it at 'things' variously then slop the film in Toots home-Brew 2 bath 'almost-a-proper-developer' [ I suspect Toots might have got the recipe out of his baking book]. Anyway, it didn't quite come out as expected. I think it may have been a a tad short on the liquid front during the development [as well short on skill], the exposure might have been wrong, the filter was dirty and it was raining. And Cold.

The island was in the wrong place too I think but try and might to move it over by the power of thinking, it stayed stubbornly put. Otherwise this might have been a masterpiece.

I got it this way by pressing random buttons on the pooter. The cat could do better if she was inclined - which she is not. Pity that.


Francis Juif said...

You say it didn't quite come out as expected, but for sure it came out wonderfully!

Mr Trellis said...
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Mr Trellis said...

Dark and foreboding. I love it.

Joe V said...

Wonderful image, however you did it.