Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I forgot we have been there with this camera and this film and that I'd pointed it here and everything

It comes back to me now. We'd escaped the chaos on a boat across the lagoon to here. We smelt fish and chips as we walked by the little stall on the quayside. It was warm. And sunny. I took this picture. I must have. I found it this morning after developing this film from the Holga. Nice innit?

And this snap / Print - a lith print to be precise is from last week in sunny Edinburgh and sloshed about in the darkroom yesterday. Nice I think - lacks sharpness but oozes mood. Printed on old Kodak Polymax paper with Rollei-Creative lith. Snap taken with the Olympus XA2.


GB said...

Now those are two that I would happily have on my wall: atmospheric and compositionally (gosh the spillchucker didn't complain) pleasing (and all that).

franco said...

Ocio Andrea, xé Muran no Buran (Hey Andrea, it is Murano there not Burano :-)