Saturday, February 08, 2014

You didn't think I'd leave you with nothing to gawk at over the weekend did you?

I've had my hair cut. Quite a few of them actually but nicely. I mean very nicely and properly too by a very nice and expert hair-cutter by the name of Harvey. The wee shoppe is called Hairbridean don't you know - down in Tarbert on Harris and yes, it was well worth the trip. I mean peoples come from over the water especially to have their hair cut by this lovely man. I can see why. Makes a lovely cup of tea and, has a fine way with words too. What more can one ask? Nothing since you ask.

I came back all buoyed up with nice hairness, Eve shivering since was caught in a downpour while out on her little bicycle out Scalpay way. Then out for a fine vegi lasagne with some lovely friends in the village. Lovely friends with two very naughty cats. I mean, one tried to pinch the others  food. How naughty is that? Eh? You'd never catch HHHCB doing that would you? No. She is far too clever to get caught.

Proof positive - as if proof was required - of the islands pleasure at the YES vote for same sex marriages in Scotland.No doubt there will be special wedding packages available to the island in the near future.

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