Tuesday, March 18, 2014


No not me but my dearest Eve to whom I have been with for over 12 years and who makes my life so wonderful. Yes, It's hard to believe but today she is 60!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dearest Evelyn
etc etc.

And no that isn't Eve on the bike in the warming room but myself - snapped up by Eve using the Bronica. Eve looks so much nicer on the bicycle.


John said...

A Happy Birthday and many happy turns of the crankshaft to Eve from both of us.

gz said...

Happy Birthday Eve from Gz and The Pirate

Mr Trellis said...

Happy significant birthday to your significant other. Free bus pass and prescriptions - heaven!

Bosse said...

Happy Birthday from Sweden!

Dorothy Ross MacIver said...

I'm personally not prepared to believe Eve is 60. However, happy birthday to her, the fit, fabulous thing that she is. Love, Mrs Up Yours xxxxxxxx