Saturday, March 08, 2014

Back to the factory

If you are not an ardent follower of the Island Crofter blog, then you might not know who this is. Go on, click on the link and have a look see, but do come back here after. Interesting isn't it? eh! He just lives down the road and has been away oop north to the Arctic Circle with a special lady friend last week. He's back now. That's how I shot him up with a random Minolta AF camera, some AgfaASP400s film sloshed in Firstcall B&W film developer. For this 400s film Firstcall B&W developer is my choice [at the moment]- at least I can get the stuff to work - unlike that concoction Mr Toots made up for me [not that I'm not grateful etc] and it is a great price too. With Rodinal for other films I'm sated.

Hope you understand all this stuff. I wish I did.

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Mr Trellis said...

Nice. The view out the window didn't drown in the backlight.