Monday, March 10, 2014

It stopped raining so we went to the beach. I took a camera. Two actually.

Honest; we did go. It was awfully chilly and my ears nearly fell off - or felt like it anyway. Mr & Mrs Toots came along - dragged themselves away from a nice warm fire to be blasted by a cold wind on the beach at Garry in Tolsta here. Eve was there too - obviously. The snap above was not then but yesterday when Eve & I called in to see the Toots' in their cosy abode. Here one can see Mr Toots trying to decide what photo chemicals to buy. I snapped him up with the Bessa and Industar61. As one does.

On the other hand, I captured this moment with my homemade and malfunctioning pinhole camera which seems to let in light in all the wrong places. There you are; The Toots' and Eve playing king of the castle on a rock surrounded by sea. A bit.

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