Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We were looking for fairies; right?

It is true, I am easily led. That's got me into trouble in the past. But not now. Oh no, I am not easily fooled these days I can tell you.

That's why we were out looking for Fairies.

I'd seen a vid of a fine photographer who went up this way and found all sorts of things in his images. Sparkling things and smoke were two. We were determined to look for ourselves.

Only the wind was fierce, it was cold, we'd just got off he ferry from our island and we had a long way to drive. Apart from that it was perfect. Oh, and it was raining - but surely The Fairies would be around.

They might have been there only I am still analysing the data. Here's a couple of the snaps so you can look for yourself.

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