Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A fencescape

I get annoyed when you see a nice fence by the road in the rain and you find that if you don't want to get out of the dry car to image up the thing, the scene can get compromised. See here, the flippin bits of rock things got in the way. Ruined my fencescape.

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McGregor said...

Just read a thoughtful interview with you and Jeff (online on betterinblackandwhite). Thanks for sharing those thoughts. (Jeff, thanks to you, too). I especially look forward to your photos of spots I recognize - particularly in New Tolsta and on the Traigh Mor, and other places I have photos of. My photos are okay, but I wish I could take the shots you do.
And, on another topic, with regard to the wee cowlette there. She has a problem with her real name that makes her sound as though she isn't - imagine being called some form of "not" or even "knot" - and you do an Ingramian slip and let fly Pestilence - poor thing. Take care, Your Reader