Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I like this

On the film that came out of the Retinette, yes, the rattly one, was this image. It's an image from Stornoway You can tell that because this erb has bought a Tv and the only places one can buy these abominable things are in Stornoway. On the island that is.

I played around in the darkish room the other morning emerging from time to time to breathe the air and blink in the bright sunshine. I tried lith - but really got nowhere much. Then I broke out some old Kodak paper I had, shone a light through the neg onto it then threw it in some ordinary developer. This came out. I like it. It has something don't you think?


Keith said...

Very nice. I like the "down the middle" composition, and overall presentation

Mr Trellis said...

One likes this. One must get a rattly camera.