Saturday, April 19, 2014

It has to be done from time to time

Had a lovely visitation from The Artist formerly known as Jon the other evening. What a lovely surprise that was - especially since he brought Andrea with him. That's the sculpterister Andrea not me. From Edinburgh apparently. And very lovely she is too I must say. We talked all three of us and then four as Eve came home. That's Eve from Leeds way, the partnerister.

In front of the cooking device we talked - it's warm there. And the reels were waiting where they had been earlier. Waiting for the film from the Perkeo and everything.

This is from the film in the Perkeo. Was it worth the wait?

The Artist spoke fondly of the film at the Arts centre - so we went to watch it. Something of a metaphor along the lines of cake is not a good thing' or something like that. Didn't really understand the thing - the colours were nice, Tilda Swinton looked fab and the shapes on the screen too were interesting, but the story? I was hoping The Artist would explain all. Only he didn't go. It was The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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