Friday, April 04, 2014

Shall I or shan't I?

Dear reader,
I need your help.

Ove rthe las tanount oftime I haveb een Snapp inup andpos tingh ere. The images are 'straight' in that they either come from a print or a neg without too much messing about with on the pooter to make them them look as bad as they do. I like them that way in the main. I may 'mess wif them' a bit in the darkroom using tissue paper or whatever comes to hand - but it is organic as they [I] say. However, and here's the rub, I rather like images that have a  painterly look. And I like some images that have been messed wif digitally. You know the sort of thing - like here. And no, I have no idea how I did it to be honest.

The question is; should I do that more? I might add as an addendum here that I will take little notice of what you say but I really value your comments all the same. Possibly.

Anyway, back to sort sort of reality;
Mr Unknown has posted a fine albeit pixeled up image on his site. Yes, go and have a look then come back. Please.

I tried holding a piece of old paper in front of this neg but I couldn't see through it so here's the thing 'straight' as it were. Some castle thing in DurHam, England. Used the Kodak Cresta for this shot. Now, don't you all rush out and buy up stocks of this little gem, the idea is mine, all mine. Apart from all the other people who thought of using one. Obviously.


Keith said...

If you have no idea how you did it, how can you do it more?
In the process of trying to do it again you'll find something else that turns your crank. That's what it's all about.
The key thing is to do it for yourself (if other people like it - it's gravy on the top)

Joe V said...

I do like your messed wif' example, would like to see more. Whatever makes you happy.

Mr Trellis said...

You just have to do what pleases you.

GB said...

Mr Trellis has hit the proverbial nail roughly on the head so to speak. Mind you you have asked us. Problem for me is that there isn't an answer. Some of your stuff (quite a lot actually) speaks to me (how's that for pretentiousness?) and some I think "that's pretty crappy but it's just my opinion".

GB said...

PS I thought the 18 February dark and foreboding pic was superb: it didn't just speak, it shouted.

Roy Karlsvik said...

This is of course way to late to make any influence at all, if it ever would in the first place... I just wanted to say that I'm back on track and hope to be up to date on your blog within a few days or so. And, I hope you just continue down the same road you seem to be heading all the time :))
Worst thing is that you seem to bring innocent people with you, but that's a different case and matter. If I just could do a tiny bit of all you do with such an ease, I would live happily ever after, I think.
Well, I'm off to read further!