Saturday, May 03, 2014

Blot on the viewscape

Another view across the village.

Had a fine evening out with Eve at An Lanntair listening to some Contemporary Midlands celtic-like Jazz-Folk . Right fine racket they -  the Old Dance School - made all evening.  Funny looking bunch mind. I might even fit in with that lot without a second glance - although my lack of any musical ability might be my downfall - especially seeing they, the ODS, we so flippin brilliant in their playing their instruments. Two violinists/viola-ists, a drummer boy who twiddled his accordion when the time was right, a man with a big guitar, another with a huge violin on its end, a flautist who sang and to cap it all a trumpetist with an electrical 'box-of-frogs'.

Now, I look to my left, see the Soviet squeeze-box sitting gathering dust and wonder; should I pick it up and practice again? That would be my third session and I still can't play! Or should I sell it?

Oh, and Happy Birthday to sister Jill today :-)

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