Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Mr Toots made me do it.

Lets get that in straight from the start.  I was whiling away some time in the sun with Mr Toots, wandering here and there waiting for Angus the Outboard. [don't ask].

If I'm not mistaken, I think Mr Toots actually took his electronic imaging device out of its bag and pointed it at things. I felt I had to do the same just to keep him happy. Encourage him and all that. Only most of the things were not moving and the sun was shining which threw me a little. I guessed the exposure as lethargy had got the better of me, guessed the distance for focus - as couldn't be arsed had overtaken me - and shot with the Perkeo. Two gates as it happens. Not far from each other and not moving around too much. Look, I almost got it right too.

You'll be pleased to hear, in between visiting the village shoppe, seeing Royston, annoying The Crofter, painting the garden fence and breathing, I managed a darkish room sesh. Hopefully, I'll have some energy left for work this evening!