Monday, May 12, 2014

In search of something interesting

I have nothing to show you.

Plenty of images I have but one I want to show you? No. Not yet anyway.

The darkish room has been my haven for a while the other day. Spent a while sloshing bits of Russian Slavich paper in Lith developer but the results were less than excellent. And my standards are,,, well, I do have some standards .

Slavich paper, particularly the Unibrom is not easy to lith. Well, it is easy to lith but not to control. Hence I have  lot of over-dark images. Added to the fact that I seem to have matte paper this time which gives a totally different look. I mean, I quite like it but it is different. Different from the gloss I seem to have had before. Looks really black and charcoaly and everything. And that is a good thing let me tell you. I think I like it better. When I get an image printed proper like and everything.

In the meantime please look at my images here and tell me which ones you really like. Not that it will influence me but at least I'll know if your eyes work like mine do :-)

Ok, ok I do have an image.

I caught some pirates coming ashore down Traigh Mhor way the other day. They set up a barbie in the rain on the machair too. Not much treasure was found though.

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