Thursday, May 01, 2014


I meet peoples occasionally. Sometimes they talk to me. Actually, when I say 'me' what I mean is whoever I am with. I just smile and everything then say something I think is witty. Sometimes it is witty too. Sometimes not. Then I curtail the meeting in embarrassment.

This is Gerald. Trust me, IT IS Gerald. We saw his face and everything. He has featured here before. This time he was sorting his waggly bit that is attached to the steering stick on the back of his lovely wee boat Ammonite. Paddling around in the rapidly rising tide of the inner harbour.

I said all sorts of things I thought sounded right at the time. 'Can I help' - although it was patently obvious I could not. I would have sent Eve down if he had said yes. Obviously. I'm trying to keep on the right side of Gerald as I want to have him tell me what all the switchy things do - or don't do in our wee boatee.

This is David. He is The Isle of Lewis Cheese Co. Along with his lovely wife Jane. Obviously I hadn't said anything to him at this point - hence the smile. Outside An Lanntair enjoying the sunshine and wondering how to escape from me no doubt. He makes a fine cheese I'll have you know. And has goats and everything. I believe it can be treated.

So that's OK then.

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