Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This is the one you have been waiting for. Trust me.

I nearly missed this one. Not sure how but tripped over it today and I thought - that's nearly a masterpiece. Or could be once I shine the light through it onto paper. As I might. If I can trip over the neg again soon.

The neg was made on Kodak copy film. Lovely stuff with an iso or around 3. Not seen any for sale for years but I do have a little left to play with. Make proper snaps and all that. Develop it in paper developer -  as I do and all that. Ignore the purists. I do.

I like to think I must have been channelling the Futurists of the past [in the image that is. There is no way I subscribe to most of their thoughts as was]. I mean, there is nothing new is there?

Anyway, I love the image. As any discerning person might. Isn't that right?

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