Sunday, June 29, 2014

A few snaps

I take a lot of snaps. It's my raison d'etre - as if. Trust me, I get through lots of cheap 35mm film to decorate the back of the settee with. It looks lovelee.

Of course most if not all of the snaps are rubbish but I like taking them and that's what counts after all. Proper snaps are for another day when the weather is darker. Brooding - that sort of thing.

Here's a little snap on Polypan-f film sloshed in Acurol-N [1:133, 40mins semi stand]. That's Roy nattering in the middle of the road with Zig his loyal doggie on their way to stack the peats.

That's the good ship Hannah with Mick, Bee and Toots on board coming into harbour the other day. Lovely people and lovely boat. They'll be in Shetland by now - soon to be in Norway.

Mick. Eh? Lovely chap. I mean, really lovely. Bee is really lovely too but is less inclined to have her soul snatched away by a marauding snapper like myself. And I like that. Toots is Toots the cat. She was hiding.

Round the other side of the harbour - the working side that is where the dead fish and diesel crowd go was this fella playing with his nets. Trying to put them back together I shouldn't wonder.

All snaps taken with the OM1n [my sisters] cheap as chips polypan-f film and Acurol-N developer - which I do like on the Isle of Lewis.

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GB said...

The first photo isn't just a snap. It's a capture of one of the iconic differences between here and there. So few other places are left in this country where that can happen with impunity.