Sunday, June 01, 2014

A little light

Look, these little prints are really doing it for me - especially since the paper costs are low. And they look nice. Did I mention that? That Ilford Art 300 paper is lovely. Texture and it's ability to make an image. Like this one - re imagined from an earlier print or two. The other prints were bigger. Much bigger and nice. But this one is really nice. Trust me. Better for being smaller. You'll really have to look closely at this one.

Flip, I almost want kiss this one such is my love for it. Is that a tad over the top? I don't care whatever you answer.

We, that's Eve and I, were out on the wee boatee the other day. Wallowing around in the inner-harbour as we tried to sort they flappy bits that hang on the front end of the thing. Only, we couldn't work it out. Pity, since our boarding and disembarkations were excellent and didn't involve any floundering in the bottom of the boatee. We even had a cup of green tea. But in the end we went back to Cuddy Point where the youth were playing sailing with Toby and the sailing club. Then Mr Gerald Hales hailed us from aboard the Ammonite and we pootled out and went on Mr Hales' first sail of the summer with him. I did a lot of the driving too - turning the steering stick this way and that, shouting "left-hand down a bit" and "ready about" randomly as one does in such situations. Mr Hales wisely ignored me and carried on doing the proper things. We had a lovely time though. The Ammonite is such a lovely boat and it goes through the water right lovely - despite my wavering sailing. Many thanks Mr Hales, most kind.

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steve said...

I like this one too.