Saturday, June 14, 2014

A right fine racket

Been busy today. Eve rode over 60 on her velocipede, I did a nice darkroom sesh, we went and did things on the water and then we finished the day at an Lanntair to hear Cath Fish and her fisherpersons 'do' Faure's Requiem. They did Pearsall, Bruch and what seemed to be Cage and Rix too - although I'm not sure that was the intention.

Had a great evening I must say although a little tired from our exertions today. Still, we sorted the cleats on the mast, the depth charge machine - or whatever it is - which told us there was about one foot of water under the boat  such was the low water, and the strings for the sails and what have you. Pity we didn't have time for a sail although there was no wind at all!

Thanks to all for a wonderfully lovely evening.

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D. Matthew Dair said...

Looks like a giant Tesla Coil... Nice Image.