Friday, June 06, 2014


I have one or two you know. Friends that is.

Several here on the island whom I catch up with from time to time. 

Of course, I have others. Just in case you are not going to be showcased! And the others are just as important to me etc etc. You know the rest; just because I haven't mentioned you don't get getting all setup with me over it. I mean.......


Here's Toots all in his best greeting jacket mired in mire to make it look like he's been doing something rather than just sitting watching house renovation programmes on TV. Or hoovering. Not hovering. That's something else entirely.

Seen posing here outside Taraxucum Cottage or whatever his pad is called.

Then there's Gerald.

A nautical man with a lovely wife and boat too. That's me driving the thing as Gerald 'does' things sail with Eve looking on. Of course you shouldn't expect a masterpiece snap - I was holding the steering stick and everything you know.

Then there's The Crofter. Lost off his croft when he can tickle his pet lamb in the kitchen, talk to the pigs or wince as his little bull loses its bits to Hector the Vets' knife!

Seen here on the West Side of the island with Eve yes, that's dear Eve of this parish walking on the 'beach' at Barvas with The Crofter. Sorry, I have not got a proper excuse for this crappy snap apart I was used pre-fried film from a dubious source.

I didn't say I had influential friends did I ?

Eve at work

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