Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm liking this

It fell out of the Petri7s when I sloshed the Fine Grained Positive film therein in multigrade developer. Not where it was but I do rather like it. It speaks to me I think. A piece of light-sensitive paper awaits in the darkroom for this one.

The Bessa-R camera I briefly had has gone. That never agreed with me. The pictures got stuck outside it and that will never do. It had no need for gaffer tape either - and that just doesn't fit my personality. It just didn't give me any excuses I most obviously require.


John said...

I really like this as well, and although I didn't say so at the time, I also very much like "I know it's not .....", especially the umbrella image. That's great.

GB said...

I was drawn to this one too although I can't explain why. But then that's the thing isn't it? Reasona has nothing to do with what one instinctively likes or dislikes.

Sorry you and the Bessa didn't get along. I had a couple of Voigtlanders in my youth: a Vito B and a 2¼ square TLR which wasn't really my format.