Sunday, June 08, 2014

The village. Well, some of it.

There's this bit.

... which is just out there [pointing aimlessly]. It's fences. Do you have fences? We do.

And this bit.

A motionless Land rover and some fencing wire. Did I tell you we have fences. And grass.

These are temporary fences belong to The Crofter who is depicted here gassing to The Vet [of the year no less ]with Dad Crofter looking on and The Tooth Factory in the background. For more info go here. Eh?

True, it's not a fence.

Notice the slight IR effect in these snaps? Well, that's due to the partial IR sensitivity of the film [Agfa 400s] and the sun that poked its head out.

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gz said... there's a rarity!!