Friday, June 27, 2014

Three 3s

3 posts

Oh please! You try coming up with something new almost everyday Eh? 

The sun was shining again so I took myself off round the village with a quick visit to artist Tom and his lovely gallery. I might even show you a snap from there soonish. If you are good.

3 buildings

Not sure I can cope with nice weather. One of those 'tourists' chased me across the moor today as I was talking to Roy who was cutting peats. I let her off as she, the tourist person was Dutch. Single Dutch but Dutch all the same. Those tourists are everywhere. Becoming more like my home-town of Bath every year!

3 sinks


Keith said...

I like those a lot

astrobeck said...

23 Buildings is wonderful...and all that bright light...gorgeous. poof to the tourists!

astrobeck said...

actually I wrote 3 buildings but the capture thing that proves I'm not a robot, ( I'm not) added the 2 in confusing.
Your photos are great! I say no more!