Saturday, July 26, 2014

Allo Allo, do you ride tandem?

I have a lovely friend. Several of them in fact, not all who we see on a regular basis more's the pity. Why they don't move up here to the island is beyond me!

We did catch up with some of these dear friends while on the mainland recently. Angela, a bike racer from our old cycling club was there and keen to get back on a tandem. Angela raced a few times on the track and road on tandem - including an International in Ireland. How good is that? Very since you ask.

Brendon was there too. His daughter is riding the Commonwealth Games on the track this week and he is a fine chap and cyclist as well. So it didn't take long for Angela to persuade him to get on a bike made for two. The tandem was an ancient but lovely Hobbs of Barbican.

Can you actually ride a tandem Brendon?

Ooh, Lovely

Brendon and Birthday boy Vic fettle the tandem

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gz said...

A Higgins Ultralite, actually!!