Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Bin boating. That's because I am now a boatist - and Eve is too. We are boatists.

I took a camera too though. A Vivitar UW&S this time - on account that if it went in the old briney it would float and it has nothing to rust or anything much to go wrong in it. I put some film in too. Unlike the mechanical paddling device which wouldn't start - until I found out you need to put fuel in from time to time. :-)

Anyway, this was not today. Eve is at work earning a crust. I am eating it. Eating the crust - metaphorically anyway. Today it was warm so much so I had to take my jacket[s] off on the wee boatee. I mean, proper summer and everything. Not much wind though. Just enough to make me look silly with the sails phlapping as I did a few pirouettes as I tried to do boaty things.  Obviously, I meant to spin around and have the sail things waving about - just in case you were watching. It makes everyone else feel so competent.

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