Friday, July 11, 2014


Having spent a good proportion of my working life in cycle racing environs, I cannot ignore the goings on in the Tour de France at the moment. The other days cobbled stage was magnificent. I prefer the Giro and Vuelta [Tours of Italy and Spain] if I'm honest as they are much purer and less Cola-ed up. Hence, last year Eve and I took some snaps in the snow of Mr Cavendish, Cummings and Co in the snow of the Dolomites. And this year we shall, all being well, snap some snaps in the hills of Galicia and what have you. As you do.

In the meantime, I sated my cycling appetite with helping on the local Audax - long distance non-competitive cycling event. Great fun with plenty of sights along the route. Like this one. The Butt.

I promise I'll get back in the darkroom soon and print some proper snaps!

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