Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sex romp

I'm still reeling from the little doggie in the back of Brendon's car who insisted on humping his bed repeatedly while we drove from there to there - along the Electric Brae. The Electric Brae was indeed so exciting as birthday boy Vic Posse had advised that I almost managed to stay awake. But the antics of Charlie the dog fair put me off my dinner.

We'd ventured onto the mainland for the party - all balloons and what have you. When I say balloons, we were ordered to blow countless of the blighters up but, apart from a few bursting on the newly cut grass of the field we were in at the club hut for the party, they didn't see the light of day again. Still, the soup was great, the cakes too and we all had a grand time.

Here's former World Masters Track Cycling Champ Mr Smith making balloons, taken with the Kodak Cresta on Chinese film. Eh? And yes, Mr Smith is 84 and still riding his road racing bikes!

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