Monday, July 28, 2014

We are all boatists now

I'm liking this bobbing about stuff in the sea. The weather has been quite nice really - a tad too hot and not enough wind but that hasn't stopped us playing at boatists. We are boatists actually.

I find I take all sorts of cheap and cheerful cameras out with me - even a very old 3mp dig*tal thing to take snaps - although you won't see those here. This was snapped with a P&S camera on cheapest film you can find [Polypan-f]. I'm still liking it - boating that is. Despite using the mechanical paddling device a lot the other day and gallons of factor 300 stuff on the old skin we got down to see William and Gemma at Cromore.

And it may look as if these snaps are in chronological order. They are not. It's just that I come across recent-ish negs down the back of the settee.

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