Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blow up

There she is; that one down there with the mechanical paddling device and all that. The one next to the one with an engine. See it? If you look very carefully you can see the name of the tub Freyja scrawled on her rubber bits. No, sorry, that's rubbed off as we have had some rain recently. Hard to believe but there you are. It has water in it too. Should be just on the outside I'm told, but it fills up with the rain. I hope it's the rain anyway.

Did a bit of soloing yesterday. On this little blow-up and on the good tub Freyja. Hoisted the sails and everything. Did a few gybes, drifted around a bit, sailed backwards, bobbed a bit, tangled and un-tangled the big string, wrestled with the recalcitrant mechanical paddling device, cursed politely at the furling thing when the string fell off the drum thing. Had a fine old time all is all and entertained the Stornoway massive in the process.

I even tooked some snaps.

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