Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Harrrrrr" or something equally pantomime

Vikings eh?

We've had more than our share of Viking types here recently. There was one lot straight out of panto who shouted Harrrr a lot and waved faux axes and shields around, wore leather and slept on blow-up mattress! Blow-up mattresses? Are you sure? Why didn't they sleep on straw or something. Can't be proper Vikings can they?

Then there were the Nordic Vikings who sailed into port in their 120 ft long longboat. Now these are proper Vikings surely! Lovely wooden boat, sleeping on the bottom of the boat under canvas and not a 'Harrrr' among them. I mean, even the huge mast broke on one voyage and they still kept going - found another tree and now they are off again!

I mean,,,,,,

Proper mast that

And a proper boat.

Harrrrr !
See, didn't even flinch

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