Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It must be the green tea

Maybe it was the green tea all brewed nicely at 81c and all that. Radio4 seemed to have taken a turn for the interesting - just like my dream last night when my [un-named] friend and Eve my partner rode a tandem along a narrow path on a cliff edge and.....

No, it wasn't nice.

You see, Radio4 seemed to have a taken an odd turn Monday morning and I wasn't sure whether I was hallucinating. Recycled radio and the Cold Swedish Winter had me both enthralled and wierded up as well. And everything.

Our darling furry-face of a cat HHHCB was there listening with me, hiding behind her pile of books and the flowers. I snapped her up with a handy Fuji Instax camera and here we have it.

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