Saturday, August 09, 2014

Rare snaps of Toots

Toots with his bargain bike now shod with non-rotten tyres and waiting to be ridden. Taken at the back end of the darkish room.

The darkish room is to print the film pouring out of the many cameras lurking around the gaff there. See, this 'ere is Toots snapping the grass or something on the machair opposite the gaff. In sunshine. So it wasn't that recent then.

That's there the flowers and everything. Tooked by me with the cheapest camera I have [Viv UW&S] with the cheapest film [Polypan-f], almost in focus and everything.

We might have to wait a while before we see Mr Toots' snaps - possibly even in colour. Oh no, I forgot, there was no film in his camera at the time :-)

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