Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Words speak louder than snaps

Perhaps I should institute a podcast just so you can hear my dulcet tones as I thrash about on the pooter trying to say something sensible here. Or perhaps not.

You might even get the chance to hear this lot squawking their way up the road. Simon Fraser Uni band from Canada by all accounts - and to be honest I rather liked the racket they made.

And they stood on our new pontoons as they were officially opened and what have you. Actually, now I come to think of it they were the old pontoons rocking about under them as they marched and everything, squeezing, blowing and banging the drum things.  Brave eh? And when I say 'our' pontoons, I really mean the island's not mine and Eve's - even if our little water-filled dingy is sitting adjacent to it. At least, I hope is sitting adjacent to it and not floating off round the harbour again on a little trippette of its own. Again.

See how marchy they were. Typical CanAdiens I'd say. Apart from the bagpipe bit. Obviously.

This little set of snaps says it all really. There is no need for a podcast you'll be pleased to read.

Darkishroom here I came .


John said...

Lovely set of snaps. I can say no more.

GB said...

As you know I'm a dull sort of picture poster - that is a poster of pictures and not a picture-poster - but these speak to me.