Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Trips off the island usually mean an opportunity to see some ART - or things represented as ART anyway. That's a discussion among myselves for another day.

Recently we took off to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park [YSP]- somewhere in Yorkshire, which did seem apt. There was grand work being shown by Ursula von Ridingsvard. Inspiring stuff though I don't think it'll fit into the Summer Parlour here. Although perhaps that's not the point - it looks just lovely where it is and everyone can see it there. The YSP is fantastic, lovely to stroll around on a warm day, plenty to discover including Andy Goldsworhty, Ai Weiwei and many others as well as Ursula's work. You must visit. We did - again.

....and steward

.... and viewer

bench and shadows. This maybe not ART but merely arty.

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Gemma :) said...

Yorkshire!... a great place! Glad you had a good time.