Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That's it; I'm close to throwing myself off the edge of the ...... carpet!

La la la LA LA LA LA LA

Has it gone yet? I mean, can I open my eyes and see if it's gone? 

Oh, I can't hear anything. Can't see nowt neither, the curtains are drawn and everything. It's all stopped shaking too. Maybe it's stopped - for the time being.

They are really nice mind you but that hammering - argh! Only three weeks to go and it'll be all over - if I haven't thrown myself off the [fairly ] deep pile carpet first!

Anyway, as I wasn't saying - but should have been, I found this little snap I tooked a while back whilst slumming it in Ayrshire - that's the mainland UK just below the bit just above and all that. I was there for Mr Posse's celebration of 75 years past his birthday. This was / still is Angie, posing in the water. The sea stuff.

This will see the inside of the darkish room - once I can find a space and a suitable moment.

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Mike said...

A perfectly captured moment.