Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Watching the world

The thing I really like about being away from home is being about to 'be'. I love watching the world and sometimes, just sometimes I like trying to get it's likeness onto film.

I took an Olympus OM1n away with me. It's an old camera and an SLR but somehow these days I can't be getting on with rangefinders.

Love this snap. I was eyeing up a shot down the road when I noticed something in the bottom right. Refocussed and there you have it.

Yes, I went in a cafe too. Just the one mind you and this was it. Outside the cafe anyway. The moment captured on film.

Yes, well, you can't always get it right can you? I was trying to snap up the spectators as it happens and luckily caught the front wheel of a fast cyclist too.

And I managed to use a suitable film and developer for the occasion. I must write that in my diary as a first! What was it? Fomapan100/Acurol-N

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