Friday, October 31, 2014

Channelling Ravilious

Look, I look at images - I mean proper images on film and everything. I like images - especially those that move me, like this one does. Yes, go and have a look. I'll wait.

te dum te dum

Ok? Nice isn't it? Mine is not a patch on that image of Mr Ravilous'. But I can't help referencing it on the occasional day the sun shines, I'm among some trees - as I was yesterday with Toots - and have a camera to hand. A Soviet camera but a camera all the same.

te dum te dum te dum

I just knew you would go back and look at more James Ravilious' images. They are so very wonderful. My fav photographer to be honest. I would need another lens to take images like that though - and possibly another camera and some talent perhaps.

But getting back to my pale imitation of that snap, do you like it? Proper photogs call is Contre-Jour. When I say 'proper' I mean French or pretentious photographers - of which I am obviously one. Pretentious that is, not French.


GB said...

Of course you were correct. I have just spent a cup of hot water and lemon following the late JR. Well worth it it was too.

Steven Reynolds said...

So... Sometimes I pretend I am a "photographer". Hmmm.
And yet... I have never heard of Ravillious. Shame on me. Clealy the guy is a master of exposure. Not only the shots straight into the sun, but all the snow pics and the indoor exposures, too. The guy seems to know exactly what he was doing. I am humbled. Thanks for the heads up. My Christmss present is on order "An English Eye: The Photographs of James Ravilious".