Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I know! I KNOW! Don't dis me up. And Everything.

Would have been a minor masterpiece this. Only I'd loaded Foma100 into the Zorki4 / Jupiter12 combination and I thought it was 400. Rated it at 800 as well - like you do. I know, I'm getting old and all that. I was distracted by the constant kippering of Denis' - the Croation Man from Croatia - lungs.

I almost rescued it. Looked hard at the huge development chart, read it wrongly, used 1:25 instead of 1:50 Rodinal and ended up with this snap. Well, not just this snap - from Bosta and everything - but including this snap. At least you  can see what this snap is meant to be like.

That's Denis. His back anyway.

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Steven Reynolds said...

Looks like a pretty good snap to me. Shadow detail and everything...

I've been on Harris all week ( hasn't the weather been FANTASTIC!) and I've been shooting FOMA 100, too. In a little Minox 35 GT. No, it isn 't a car... I've got a proper camera, too.... Medium format. Been trying to use the Zone system. Cause the folks on the Film and Darkroom Users forum said that real photographers have to. Haven't got a clue what I'm doin', really. It worries me slightly that the little Minox seems to expose the Foma at about two stops faster than I keep working out for FP4+ - I will know who is right when
I get home.... Oh hum. Sometimes it just gets so.... Technical. :-(